Indian Food Tour in Delhi | A tour of authentic Indian street food in Delhi

The following day I had booked a food tour with, this is a business run by Jaidev, his wife and two friends. The aim is to provide you with insight into the Delhi food culture and teach you where to go and what to eat. As a massive foodie this was a dream come true! Jaidev sends a car to pick you up from your hotel at your requested time and takes you on a journey into foodies paradise.

We started in old Delhi at Shyam sweets and tried 5 different dishes including lassi, aloo samosa and Daal Kachori. The great thing is that the tour takes you to the most simple looking places you would never go alone, but these places have been supplying 5 star indian food, some from as early as 1910!
Jaidev really tailors the tour to your tastebuds and dietary requirements and he seems to know exactly what you will like and what you won’t. The added touches like a tuc tuc ride through the spice market, and a short history lesson on anything you want to know about really makes this tour one of a kind.

The day finishes with a beautiful authentic indian meal in a place I would never in a million years have visited. After a fabulous meal of Keema, Saag meat, roasted chicken, 3 Breads – Rumaali roti, tandoori roti and butter naan a private car to took me back to my hotel feeling full and satisfied.

Delhi is not for the faint hearted and it really is a love or hate place. Like everywhere there will always be people ready to rip you off if you let them, but there are also so many people desperate to show you what an amazingly diverse beautiful city it really is.

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from Delhi Supper Club
A tour of authentic Indian food in Delhi


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